Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

I can’t quite believe it’s New Year’s Eve again. I haven’t written resolutions, haven’t planned what new diet I’ll start tomorrow (because that’s what you do in January, right?!), and I haven’t made any great plans for how I will make 2018 my year.  I don’t know about you, but I never manage to stick […]

October Writing Challenge Day 31: Ghosts

Well, we’ve come to the end folks.  I haven’t always been on time, but I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing these little word-adventures with you this month (yes, even the Mother-in-Law and candy wrapper prompts ;)).  Since it’s the last day, I thought I would be brave and share with you a special piece that is […]

October Writing Challenge Day 29: Wedded

Some hold their love in their hands, all megapixels and gigabytes and software updates. Oh those significant others with retina HD faces, those with perfect words-on-paper bodies. Others made vows to their nine-to-five, whisper sweet-nothings of net profit and due dates. Then there’s those who love a not-yet or a used-to-be or a maybe-one-day-if-I’m-lucky.   […]

October Writing Challenge Day 26 & 27: Battling Dehydration (and other things)

“Are you ready, then?” Abe does the asking, but the question belongs to all of them here.  I can feel their eyes like fingertips, inspecting me, weighing me, wondering why I am still here.  They are not afraid for me, but I wonder if they are beginning to be afraid of me.  I hope so. […]

October Writing Challenge Day 25: Cables

You’re on your hands and knees, untangling the mess of cables.  I’ve already told you they’re all connected right, but I must have got it wrong, you said; it’s the connection, you said.  Technology is your thing and you like to think you know more than me, and because I want to make you happy […]