What I have learned about USA…so far

It’s been nearly a week since I’ve been in the States, and it’s been busy to say the least.  At so many points I honestly haven’t known whether I was coming or going!  But it’s all part of the adventure, so I’m savouring every moment – or trying to anyway!

As I write this I am sat in a comfy bed in hotel number two, watching Andy Murray try to win gold at the Olympics.  It’s only 7:45 and I have no plans to go out or do anything other than watch TV and read a book, and possibly eat some unhealthy snacks.  I’m too tired and too hot to do anything else, which probably hints at just what a whirlwind my first week has been. But while I’m sat, I thought I would collate all the things I have learned so far, so here they are…

  • It’s hot.  I’ll repeat that, it’s hot.  Ninety seven degrees but a heat index of one hundred and ten, with heat advisory warnings and all sorts.  Even the locals are complaining.  It’s too hot to walk anywhere or sit out or, basically, do anything other than melt.  The humidity is ridiculous.  Thank the good Lord for air conditioning.
  • I could listen to folks round here talk for hours.  The softly spoken, beautiful drawl of the Southern tongue won’t ever get old.  I just love it, y’all.
  • Here, I’m ma’am.  I’m still getting used to it, but I like it!
  • Plugs are a pain, I’ve forgotten what a kettle looks like, and hair dryers are about as much use as having a toddler blow on your head from a distance.
  • Everything comes with cheese.  Omelette?  With cheese.  And the cheese isn’t even that nice, or at least I haven’t discovered the good cheese yet.
  • Things are bigger here – bags of chips, salad portions, roads, drink cups, church car parks.  But luckily, so is the generosity of the people.
  • Cars are big and expensive.  And what’s with the traffic lights?!  Still trying to wrap my head around being able to turn on red.
  • Barnes and Noble is my idea of heaven.  I haven’t bought cutlery or a mattress for my apartment yet, but I have bought a loyalty card for the bookstore.  Priorities.
  • Everyone, I repeat everyone, I have spoken to or been in a lift (sorry, elevator) with has told me to ‘have a good day now’. They really are that friendly here.
  • Sales tax is a cruel thing.  You fill your shopping trolley and add it all up in your head, and then you get to the till and she goes ‘oh wait, here’s a little extra to pay’.
  • You can get every flavour of coffee here, but apparently they don’t do chocolate covered rice cakes.  This is not something I will get used to.
  • The sweet tea.  Oh, the sweet tea.

There’s more, but it’s too hot to type anymore and I’ve gone and given myself a craving for some sweet tea.  More later!

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