What I have learned about the USA…Part Two

I’ve been here a few weeks now, and I’ve learned quite a few more things that are different in the States since I last shared my discoveries with you here.  Here’s a few more things that are not like they are back home in good old Blighty:

  • The keyboard is different.  The @ is not where the @ should be, but where the ” should be.  For someone who (almost) touch types, it’s a little bit annoying.
  • Don’t greet people with ‘You alright?’ when you see them first thing in the morning at work.  Here, it’s not a greeting.  I did it, and was met with a concerned response.  ‘Why?  Do I look like I’m not alright?  I don’t look ill do I?’  Note to self: maybe try ‘Good morning’ as a greeting from now on.
  • If you ask the school custodian if you can nick a few of the spare chairs in the corridor, they will laugh at you and ask who Nick is.
  • You pay at the pump here, and you better be quick pulling that card back out of the slot.  But not too quick.  But not too slow either.  It’s an art form, I tell you.
  • Sweet tea is the drink of choice, and everybody seems to love Starbucks.
  • Always ask for a small portion: even that is enough to feed me for the whole day.
  • It goes dark early here.  8:30pm in August, and it’s dark.  Strange.
  • It’s hot. I may have mentioned that last time, but it’s worth mentioning again.  It’s hot.
  • When you speak, people invariably say one of four things:
    • Oh, I just love your accent!
    • You’re British.  So you’re from London?
    • I’m sorry mam, what did you say?
    • Oh aren’t you cute!
  • The bugs here are big.  And noisy.  And big.
  • Double beds are not double beds here.  Queen beds are double beds here.
  • Sales tax remains a cruel mistress.
  • Shorts and t-shirts are absolutely acceptable attire.  But with the AC, it’s best to layer, believe me!
  • The language might technically be the same, but… ‘Caboose’ anyone?
  • They sell Yorkshire Tea here.  (That makes me happy.)

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