This week’s lessons

It’s been a long week.  A really, really, really long week.

Here’s what I have learned in the past seven days:

  1. January in US schools is like August all over again.  Only worse.  Much worse.
  2. Report card time does not get any easier, even when you’ve already done it once.
  3. North Carolina weather is ridiculous.  In two days I have enjoyed 22 degree heat (that’s centigrade, folks: I’m British) and spent recess time sunbathing in short sleeves; and then woke a mere eighteen hours later to minus one temperatures that require gloves and scarf.  Oh how I miss the British weather…
  4. It’s a long time till the next break.  I don’t want to make judgements about one school system versus another, but if I had to choose between a system where six weeks on, one week off is the norm, versus fourteen weeks on, one week off… well you know which way I’m gonna go.
  5. Painting hallways and classroom entryways in the middle of a school day is not a good idea.  Okay, so I already knew this, but it seems my school (or whoever instructed the painter) did not.
  6. Planning to travel anywhere in Spring Break is expensive.  Very expensive.
  7. Having a poorly goldfish is stressful.
  8. Weekends are not long enough.
  9. I still miss home.  Lots.

One thought on “This week’s lessons

  1. Number 4 – it’s the same here and it is a KILLER! We had reports to write in Jan as well & again at Easter. The terms are so long it’s exhausting. Hang in there, we are half way through the year!!


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