My new favourite colour

When you work with kids every day a question you get asked all the time is ‘What’s your favourite colour?’.  This question goes along with the almost as popular, ‘How old are you?’, ‘Why aren’t you married yet?’ and ‘Why did you get your hair cut like that?’ – which, now I think about it, is just like the way conversations at a family reunion begin…

Kids love to know your favourite colour, usually because they are about to make you a glorious paper-fabric-lego-plastiscene creation to sit on your teacher’s desk for the rest of the year.  Usually, I answer with purple.  Or blue.  Or orange.

Lately, though, I have discovered a new favourite colour: green.

My North Carolina experience has not been all sunshine and rainbows.  It’s been bloody hard at times and in some ways has been a bit of a bruised dream (I’ll be writing more about that soon).  But through it all there’s has been one thing that I have been grateful for and the thing that I will miss the most.  You see, North Carolina is a beautiful place.  Coming from Sheffield, the greenest city in Europe, I really do value green spaces.  I like to be outside and enjoying nature.  North Carolina is perfect for that.

I have been determined to explore as much as I can of my surroundings and each weekend I have been heading to new parks for nice long walks.  I’ve taken my new camera along with me and snapped the beautiful place that is North Carolina.

Is North Carolina the perfect place?  No.  I mean, where is?!  But as you can see, it is green and it is beautiful, and those are two pretty wonderful things to be. 🙂


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