The beginning of the end…


It’s been an eventful week.  Of course, as a teacher, I could say that about any week spent in the classroom!  But this week has been eventful outside of the classroom too.

Thanks to Memorial Day, we have just fourteen days left in the classroom until Summer begins.  And of course, for me that means just fourteen days left as a Second Grade teacher.  Our end of year reading testing has started, we’re about to start making our way through the War-and-Peace-weighted end of year Math assessment, and I’m starting to work my way through cupboards and drawers and lever arch files in an attempt to leave my classroom empty and ready for its next inhabitant.

It’s the beginning of the end…

But like I said, outside of the classroom has been eventful this week, and its those events that have definitely signalled the beginning of the end of my time in North Carolina.  On Tuesday, I was up at 3:30am in preparation for a 4:30am Skype interview for a job back home.  That was fun, let me tell you!  Ever done a Y6 SATs SPaG test at 4:30am?  Well I have!  First time I’ve ever been asked about determiners and expanded noun phrases before the sun was up…!  But guess what?  I got the job!

The next day, I had my end of year summative evaluation with the school principal.  In those forty-five minutes, it began to feel even more like the end of my US journey was nigh.  Much like the Skype interview the day before, it went well.  I had been a gift to the school, the principal told me.  I was an excellent teacher, he said.  They would have loved for me to stay another four years, he said.  I ended that day feeling secure in the fact that even though it has only been a year, it’s been a good one.  My kids, for whom I was so worried I would be the bumbling foreigner who didn’t know her MClass from her Tier II’s, have had an alright teacher and a pretty fun time.  The girl done good, as my dad would not doubt say.

And now it’s all coming to an end.  Soon, the displays will start to come down, the classroom walls left bare and stark.  The final grades will start to get entered, and I’ll start to write those final report card comments about the year of adventure second grade has turned out to be.  I’ll see what my kids’ reading levels end up at, and think about how I’m going to tell them I won’t be seeing them again after June 9th.

I don’t regret my decision to leave.  It’s the right one for me.  Every day closer I get to boarding that plane back to good ole Blighty is a day I feel happier to be going home.  I’m imagining every day all those faces I’ll get to see and loved ones I’ll get to hug. I can already taste the British food I’ve missed so much!  But every day I’m also reminded of just how sad it will be to leave.  For all the downs of this past year, there’ve been ups too. I’ll miss my kids, my classroom, the hallways that are now so familiar to me.  I’ll miss the weather and weekend walks in the beautiful nature of North Carolina.  I’ll miss my friends.  I’ll miss Reece’s 😉

The goodbye will be bittersweet, but it will be all be okay.  After all, for every goodbye, there’s a hello too.  And it’s that hello I’m looking forward to.


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