Last week of school for teachers

The last week of school is a unique time in the academic calendar.  It’s usually full to the brim with special events, parties and, in the case of US schools, graduations.  School becomes a bustling place (translation: the kids are hyper).  It’s an especially unique and special time for teachers, as they reflect on a year with their kids and fulfill the last of their duties.  Here’s what it looks like for Miss L (and Miss A, Mr B, Mrs C and the whole darn alphabet of misters and missuses who have spent the past 180 days in the classroom).

Sunday night

“Wow, one week left.  Five days.  I can do this!  I’m gonna make it the best week ever for my kiddos.  I’m gonna eat well, work out every morning, make my classroom sparkle.  I can’t wait to end this year on a high!”

Monday, 5am

“Oh my word why do I have to get up before the sun.  Just ten more minutes.”

“Ugh, I’ll workout later.”

“Where’s the caffeine?”

Morning, 1pm

“Four and a half days left.  We can do this.”

“Have you planned your party yet?  What gifts are you making for the parents?”

Monday, 4pm

“Is it Friday yet?”

“I’m going home, I need to work out.  I ate three Hershey’s kisses at lunch, gotta work it off.”

Monday, 6pm

“I’ll work out in the morning.  I’ll do an extra workout, just for the other six kisses.  I’ll set my alarm for a half hour early.”

Monday, 11pm

“Just SLEEP already…!”

Tuesday, 5am

“Which idiot set the alarm for this early?”

“HIIT must mean high intensity intervals of TORTURE!”

“Where’s the caffeine?”

Tuesday, 8am

“What were we supposed to talk about at this meeting?”

“Who knows.  Want cake?”

“Yeah, just a small slice though.  I’ve already had two plates of candy.  It’s okay though, I worked out this morning.”

Tuesday, 1pm

“Want some cake?”

“Yes please.”

Tuesday, 4pm

“Is it Friday yet?”

“Just read the newsletter… It’s in the newsletter… It’s in the… 2pm, the party’s at 2pm.”

“How many more days?”

Tuesday, 11pm

“Sheep no. 112347692, sheep no. 112347693…”

Wednesday, 5am

“Nope, no workout today.”


Wednesday, 9am

“It was in the newsletter!!!!!”

“No, it’s not recess time yet.”

“I know I haven’t written the learning objective for this lesson.  It’s okay.  Our learning skill this week is: Survival.”

Wednesday, 1pm

“Give me the chocolate.  All of the chocolate.  Now.”

“Behavior management strategy?  Candy.”

“Is it Friday yet?”

“Parent appreciations gifts?  I gave the kids paper and pens and they made… something.”

Wednesday, 4pm

“How is it not Friday yet?”

Wednesday, 6pm

“I had no choice.  The wine called my name.”

Wednesday, 9pm

“Why am I crying at a fictional TV character’s engagement?”

Thursday, 2am

“Sheep no. 6754839201654739, sheep no. 6754839201654740…”

Thursday, 6am

“The creases aren’t really that noticeable…  I’ll wear it anyway.”

“It’s not like I have any planning to do, I’ll drink another cup before I head to school…”

“How many episodes of The Magic Schoolbus is it acceptable to watch in one day?”

Thursday, 1pm

“Where’s the chocolate?”

Thursday, 4pm

“Really?  Another day?  Come ON.”

Thursday, 9pm

“What happens to your body when you consume your yearly allowance of chocolate in twenty four hours?”

“I’ll work out at the weekend.”

Friday, 7am

“So long alarm clock!  See you in two months”

Friday 9am

“Isn’t today a wonderful day, class?  Let’s watch episode no. 13 of The Magic Schoolbus.”

“Since you’ve been so good this year, let’s all play ‘Sleeping Lions’.”

Friday, 1pm


Friday, 4pm

“I’m really going to miss those little monkeys.”




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