A Lot Can Happen in a Year

A lot can happen in a year.  I used to think that was just a saying, something people said when you were wondering if things would ever happen, if you were impatient for life to begin.  It was always said with the sort of wistfulness of someone who has already had many full and changeable […]

Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello

It’s been a week since my plane touched down on British soil and I was home.  But with delayed flights, jet-lag and weekends away to pick up my much-loved pooch, it’s really only been a few days of being home for good. Saying my final goodbyes on 4th July was hard.  I’d be lying if […]

Almost home

It’s almost time for me to head back across the ocean, home to England.  But before then, we’re ending our road trip in a place that feels like home now:  the North Carolina coast. This isn’t my first time to the Outer Banks.  It’s my third, in fact.  And every time I come I fall […]