Thank you

  “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh I survived my last day in the classroom on Friday, but today was the last day with my colleagues. ¬†A teacher workday to finalize next year’s class lists, to check in electronics and keys and everything else, […]

Saying goodbye to the classroom

Friday was the last day of school. ¬†It was my last day as a Second Grade teacher in North Carolina, my last day as a teacher in the United States, the last day with my class of eighteen little monkeys here, the last day in my small, used-to-be-something-else classroom. ¬†It was also my last day […]

Teacher Appreciation Day

So it turns out today is Teacher Appreciation Day here in the States. ¬†Or National Teacher’s Day or some variety of ‘Hey, let’s recognize that teachers do a bloody good job and maybe we should be nice to them’ Day. What does that mean? ¬†Well, realistically speaking it means the internet is full of teacher-inspired […]