October Writing Challenge Day 13 & 14: An Unwritten Law

Ok, so I’m cheating again ūüėČ After a week of stomach bugs, dramas and crocheted llamas, I’m sharing another taster from my current writing project. ¬†And as luck¬†would have it, it just happens to meet both Day 13 and Day 14 prompts…! ¬†Throw those honest opinions at me in the comments and I’ll repay you […]

October Writing Challenge Day 10: Fire

For Day 10 of the October Writing Challenge, I must confess to cheating a little. ¬†See, up until now I have responded to each of the daily prompts with fresh new writing. ¬†But today is a little different. ¬†What follows hasn’t been written especially for this daily challenge, but is from a bigger project I’m […]

October Writing Challenge Day 9: Phones

Dear Fifteen-Year-Old Me, Eat chocolate if you want. ¬†You’ll have thick thighs – it’s in your genes, love – but no-one really cares about that sort of stuff anyway. ¬†Eat the chocolate, and the cake when it’s your birthday (and when it’s not); eat the fruit and vegetables, too; eat what you want, my dear, […]

October Writing Challenge Day 8: Feathers

You feel the cold easily. ¬†I’m not sure if this is a new thing, if you have always been cold-blooded, or if you evolved that way, changing climates and darker days shocking you into perpetual shivers. ¬†But you shake when I am just comfortable, wear two jumpers when I wear none. ¬†I cannot will the […]