A Lot Can Happen in a Year

A lot can happen in a year.  I used to think that was just a saying, something people said when you were wondering if things would ever happen, if you were impatient for life to begin.  It was always said with the sort of wistfulness of someone who has already had many full and changeable […]

Saying goodbye to the classroom

Friday was the last day of school.  It was my last day as a Second Grade teacher in North Carolina, my last day as a teacher in the United States, the last day with my class of eighteen little monkeys here, the last day in my small, used-to-be-something-else classroom.  It was also my last day […]

Teacher Appreciation Day

So it turns out today is Teacher Appreciation Day here in the States.  Or National Teacher’s Day or some variety of ‘Hey, let’s recognize that teachers do a bloody good job and maybe we should be nice to them’ Day. What does that mean?  Well, realistically speaking it means the internet is full of teacher-inspired […]

Teacher Job Description

Last week at this time, I was on Spring Break.  I had enjoyed a few days at the beach, had read several books cover to cover, had completely relaxed.  Was that really only a week ago?  Feels like longer! The first week back in my classroom after that lovely break has been a challenge.  Getting […]