Still Great

I was in the Conference Room at school, surrounded by piles of Common Core assessments, long-term planning and half-opened bags of crisps (or chips, since I’m in the States) when my colleague turned to me and stopped the conversation mid-sentence.  It was somewhere between me asking if we had an assessment for reading words with […]

A Weekend with The Three Ladies and Some Ladybugs

It is dark when we arrive and all I know is that the fire risk is high and the road is winding.  We argue, politely, over bedrooms – earth, water and sky – and wait for the fire to heat up.  I stare at the night sky trying to count stars I have never seen before. […]

Six month lesson

I’ve been in the States for six months now.  I’ve learned a lot of things along the way, ticked a few places off my travel bucket list, and gained 20lbs.  After six months, certain things that once felt strange and foreign to me are now almost familiar.  I don’t feel like a tourist anymore. It’s […]