October Writing Challenge Day 3: Horses

They say it started with a shipwreck. You kicked through angry waves to put hooves on shifting sand, the first you could reach before your legs gave way to weariness of the travelling kind. That’s what they say; that you came from exotic shores, possessions of the rich and self-important, equine gypsies of royal-decreed explorers. […]

Almost home

It’s almost time for me to head back across the ocean, home to England.  But before then, we’re ending our road trip in a place that feels like home now:  the North Carolina coast. This isn’t my first time to the Outer Banks.  It’s my third, in fact.  And every time I come I fall […]

Only in America…

It’s been a long week.  Seriously, since Tuesday I have walked down the school hallways and every fellow teacher I have spoken to has said something along the lines of ‘How is it not Friday yet?’, ‘I’m so tired’, ‘Why is this week feeling so long?!’  There’s comfort in knowing I’m not alone in my […]

Coastal Southern Charm, Part 3

My last full day at the North Carolina coast was spent in Swansboro, a perfectly small, quiet, picturesque town.  The buildings are old, the stores sell beautiful things and the people are charming. Swansboro is small.  At the end of a bridge, we turned right into a narrow street and there it was: all one street […]