A Day at the Plantation

Taking a break from downtown Charleston, we headed off on a quick twenty minute drive to nearby Mount Pleasant and spent the day at Boone Hall Plantation. ¬†After all, what’s more Southern than a plantation, sparkling white in the sunshine! For $24 dollars, it was a day well spent. ¬†Unlike other plantations, the all-in price […]

Only in America…

It’s been a long week. ¬†Seriously, since Tuesday I have walked down the school hallways and every fellow teacher I have spoken to has said something along the lines of ‘How is it not Friday yet?’, ‘I’m so tired’, ‘Why is this week feeling so long?!’ ¬†There’s comfort in knowing I’m not alone in my […]

Spring Resolutions

I love Spring. ¬†And it has definitely sprung here in North Carolina. ¬†The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, the mercury is rising and Spring Break is almost here. ¬†I’ll be honest, as a tired (very tired) teacher, that last point completely trumps all the others: fourteen weeks of school without a break is […]

North Carolina Nature

What are weekends for? ¬†Well, mostly these days they’re for sleeping since teaching in the US is an exhausting occupation. ¬†They’re also my time to clear the¬†to-do list of non-teaching related tasks¬†that I have to complete. ¬†You know, cleaning, eating, shopping, watching Netflix, contemplating the meaning of life – the usual. ¬†But weekends are also […]